Heavy Duty Cycle (poetry)

She sheds herself
one rough skin at a time,
drops them dripping into the hamper,
and, naked innards walking,
drags the dripping hamper
to a sly-smiled laundress
who has her discount ticket pre-filled.

“Heavy duty cycle,” she says,
“and remember,
hang is the only way to dry.”

-M. Ashley

One thought on “Heavy Duty Cycle (poetry)

  1. The reptile brain must shed it’s un-laundered cerebral cortex when dirty work must be done to slither the emotions out into where the grass is not greener but filled with vermin opponents who rule the world like rats who have taken over the lab of evil. The sheepskin cortex must be clean if writing the war strategy is to be done on it. it’s done too much sopping up of the meandering river of dreams.


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