Perpetrators, Mourn for Yourselves (poetry)

Maybe that’s the hazard in not caring
who the person is inside the meat
you’re butchering. You never know
if that cow is sacred and capable
of reincarnating herself into a fire-
breathing she-bull and reducing you
and your world to ash and manure

to be forked into the compost pile with
all the rest of the world’s shit—used
to grow whatever nasty things can grow

blooming weeds that grow on the empty graves of
all the other calfs you slaughtered
who have since risen in rage at the she-bull’s call.

Mourn for yourselves at those empty graves
putrid ashen shit flowers, droop and die
cycle through your agony endlessly.

-M. Ashley

Hear me read it:

One thought on “Perpetrators, Mourn for Yourselves (poetry)

  1. Sadly there is waste. The academics’ excuses and explanations for perpetrators are excrement. Pseudo-analysis is more important to them than compassion for the victims. They say that “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” But the road to Hell is paved with feces. The beginning intention of the three wise moneys to not dwell on evil thoughts has evolved into not caring about removing and punishing perpetrators. The media are easily manipulated by low level demons. Actually there are no good intentions. The quest for power and for the praise of the Devil is addictive.


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