That Which Scares Me Makes Me a Better Writer… I Hope

world-map-watercolor-michael-tompsettI found a travel writing class today from a reputable online source, I am scared to death to take it. I keep looking at other classes on more familiar subjects thinking I will take this and that because I am guaranteed to be better at something I’ve already done. But then, who needs more classes for that?

I feel such an urge to be a travel writer, only recently having openly admitted to myself, my sister, and you readers that it is something I have secretly wanted to do for a long time. To paraphrase Sera Beak from her wonderful memoir, Red Hot and Holy, nothing scares me more than doing what I am supposed to be doing.

When I was a kid, my mom told me that the more I hated a teacher, the better that teacher ended up being for me. My hope is it will be the same with this class: The more I fear it, the more I should know it is absolutely the right thing for me to do.

Updates as they come.


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