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Victory Athena

Jaw set

Gray eyes clear

Seated at a loom

In an officer’s tent

One battle

One pass

One well-placed blow

Nike woven in gold


(Day 19 of my 66 Day Poetry Habit. I’m not going to lie, you guys: today’s poem sucks. Sincere apologies to Athena. As bad as the poem is, I think she might appreciate at least the fighting spirit. I feel like absolute hell but I AM going to make this 66 days. Write a sucky poem. Live to poem another day.)

66 Day Poetry Habit, Misc Poetry, Poetry

Beside Me at the Loom

Novice at the stand

Goddess of War guides me

Her peaceful estate

Keeping still the woof

Warp to warp

Hand to hook

Hook to thread to hand

Pull to click

Through to click


Hand to hook to hand.


(Day 16 of my 66 Day Poetry Habit)