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How does this share new podcast from Anchor button work anyway?

I just published the first episode of my new podcast! Listen to Soul Bites Podcast on Anchor

Oh! That’s how it works. But don’t listen to it there. Listen to it on Spotify instead. In my first episode, I discuss the spiritual significance of the lizard people conspiracy and declare myself the undisputed winged albino lizard people queen. You don’t want to miss that. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for the listens, subscribes, and obviously five star ratings. The recording is pretty rough, but your winged albino lizard person queen says you love it, so you love it.

-M. Ashley

It came up in today’s episode that I am apparently in the market for a Satan-level worthy adversary. If that’s you, HMU.

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Podcast Cult to Come Accepting All Comers (Daily Calm, Day 10)

“We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it, the process is not yet finished…” -Martin Luther

To start with, my sister, as a kid, was a mean, mean, mean, rotten, mean sucker. So many stories fit only for therapy, but here’s this one that’s relevant:

One day, at my great aunt and uncle’s house, after school, my sister, my cousins, and I built a clubhouse under the kitchen table. We threw king size electric blankets over the top of the table. They hung in great burnt orange and harvest gold irregular drapes all the way to the ground. We furnished it with so many pillows it looked like the inside of Genie’s bottle, only also in the glorious early 80s golds, oranges, and greens. We stocked it with snacks, assorted Barbie paraphernalia, and shoeboxes full of Transformers and Hot Wheels. We made a sign on yellow legal pad paper that read, “Our Clubhouse” and Scotch taped it over the entrance.

My sister crawled in first and propped herself up high on three round sofa pillows. My red headed cousin followed her in and ensconced himself by the shoeboxes full of boys’ toys. My younger cousin, also red headed, went in third, grabbed a Capri Sun and started poking away at it unsuccessfully. I was last, headed right for the Barbies, ready to enjoy the fruits of my construction labor. When I was but one paw into the clubhouse, my mean mean rotten big sister leaned forward and, with all her might, pushed me back on my butt. She said, “You’re not cool enough for this club. Only cool people allowed.”

Mean, I tell you. Mean!

The moral of this story is: I’m starting a podcast on faith and spirituality from a polytheist perspective in order to realize my cult leader destiny and I wanted to proclaim right here, to one and all, that once I do become the cult leader I am surely destined to be and we get this cult really humming… I mean, really really up and going… no one is not cool enough to be admitted. No one. No one will be shoved away from the door. No one will be kept from all the spiritual goodies we will have inside—and there will be plenty of goodies, believe me, because that’s the kind of cult leader I’m growing into being, (see what I did there, connecting it to the daily quote? You had to believe I was going to get there eventually. Faith. Faith).

The podcast is coming. The cult is sure to follow. You are all welcome, cool and uncool—and maybe even especially uncool.

Look for it. Anticipate it with great anticipation. I know I sure am.

I’ll see you there.

M. Ashley