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Communion Delirium

He stained my skin with the fruit of his godhood
crushed young strawberries down against my soft places
left listless trails of bruise and pulp

He placed one and another between my teeth
and commanded I bite like I
was an uncivilized thing

close enough to the leaves and stem
to taste the bitter break
between god and creation.


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Future Traveler

conde-nast-traveler-january-2012-cover-440x600Last night I had an intense dream about meeting a man who wrote for Conde Nast Traveler—a job I covet… deeply. I made a connection there and he was working to get me hired. He threw me with his crew into a rickety van to travel mountainous roads to his next snowy-exotic location. It was a stressful but excellent dream.

Today I ordered a subscription to Traveler. I felt compelled to do it. In all honesty, I have been thinking about ordering a subscription for a long time. I used to have one and I SO looked forward to my copy every month. I remember reading a feature about Patagonia and how I would have never thought of going there pre-article, but post-article it sounded like the most fabulous adventure.

Now, I find myself longing for travel. I find myself longing for adventure. I need the magazine to have something more to dream on—both the travel and the writing.

I feel there are miracles afoot. We’ll see what comes.